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Name:Why I Like this Character - Character Manifestos
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Community description:Post essays about--or simply squee over--the characters you like. All fandoms welcome.
Why do you like a certain character? Here you can post either serious essays or squee-packed posts. It doesn't matter where you character comes from: anime, manga, games, TV shows, films, books, small fandoms, large fandoms... all are welcome here.

We do NOT allow:

- Character-bashing. Ship-bashing. Fandom-bashing. Member-bashing. You get the drill.

- Rude comments.

- Trolls.

- Stalkers.

- Spammers.

- Ads from anyone other than the mod and the community's affiliates.

- Unauthorised off-topic posts.

- Fanart, photomanips or any other kind of fanwork posted without the creator's permission.

- Untitled posts.

Please note that each entry must deal with only one character. If you like several characters, write a post for each of them. If you want to write about ships, please go to [community profile] whyilikethisship.

If your post contains images and/or if it's over 100 words, please use a cut to split it. Fail to do so will result in deletion of your entry.

When posting, you should mention both the character's full known name and his/her fandom in your post's title. Examples: "Hermione Granger - Harry Potter" or "Usagi Tsukino, from Sailor Moon."

If you have questions, post them here or contact your mod [personal profile] fanfictionlady via PM.

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